Fixing Hopelessness

Hopelessness comes when you begin to put hope in something that can’t carry the weight of the thing you most hope for.

That thing that wakes you up in the morning that says, “Hey, this is why I’m on this planet.”  You try and put this thing, why you’re on this planet, in something else – and it can’t carry the weight.

I think of, you know, the NFL career – and I’m tellin’ Y’all I broke some records.  It was awesome.  And being the best player in high school, great feeling, love that title… it didn’t complete it.  I was like man I don’t feel like I’m set – this title is not strong enough to carry the weight of making me feel great.

I went to football royalty, Y’all know what I’m talking about – Alabama – Roll Tide – Y’all know!  I went there and I looked at every single record, EVERY record, and shattered them all – because I was like you know what, I’m going to be important because every single record at this school, that has the most National Championships – they’re all going to say, “Shaun Alexander”.

Shaun Alexander #37
Photo By: Tom Hauck/Allsport

And guess what, I was still hopeless because it couldn’t carry the weight of who I’m supposed to be.

I went off to Seattle, I did the same thing.  I was like alright, maybe I’m supposed to do it at a pro level. Maybe if I shatter EVERY single record here in Seattle – and I become the first one to EVER win the MVP… if I go in there and destroy this thing, and become the man, become a household name – maybe that’ll make me feel like I’m something.. like I’m somebody.

NFC Championship Game: Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks
Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

And guess what I realized; even the MVP, and the 12’s rockin’ everywhere – were still not strong enough to carry the weight of who I’m supposed to be.

When you put everything on the world, you become hopeless.

But I do have good news.  The Creator of the world sent His Son to this place.  He died for our sins and 3 days later rose again. He said I’m gonna send a wonderful helper, the Holy Spirit, and it’s gonna come by and pick on my chosen ones, to come and send messages to Y’all – hand-picked, delivered for you – to know that He’s real.

The God of the World, the Creator of all things – he fixes hopelessness.